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Metal Braces for the 21st Century

Who says metal braces aren’t cool? Over the years, metal braces have evolved drastically. These aren’t the same traditional braces that your parents used!

Scratch what you think you know about metal braces. Nowadays, braces have a sleeker design; they use higher-quality materials, and they’re more comfortable than ever.

Types of Tradtional Braces

In the 21st century, traditional braces aren’t just metal! You have the option of metal braces, gold braces and ceramic braces. You get to decide which type of ‘metal’ braces suits you best.

Gold braces are a great idea for patients who prefer a unique twist to traditional braces, and ceramic braces are great for patients who prefer a more natural, tooth-colored appearance for their braces.

Personalized Braces

Your braces give you the opportunity to express your creativity! Not only can you choose the color of the rubber bands you wear, but you can choose funky shapes for your brackets too.

WildSmiles® custom brackets come in a variety of shapes, like hearts, stars, diamonds, footballs and more! Choose one type of funky bracket for your braces, or mix them up for a unique look.

Braces Appliances

Modern braces are more effective and efficient than ever. New braces designs enable orthodontic appliances to fit comfortably in the mouth. Appliances help to speed up braces treatment, as they’re specialized to target individual conditions.

Popular appliances used during braces treatment include TADs and the Forsus™ appliance. TADs, or temporary anchorage devices, are small implants that enable us to move individual teeth at a quicker pace or anchor a tooth while we focus on aligning other teeth. The Forsus appliance is used to promote forward growth of the upper jaw to treat young patients with overbites and misalignments.

Depending on your condition, we may include orthodontic appliances in your custom treatment plan to treat your condition with greater efficiency.

Tradtional Braces Pros and Cons

As with anything in life, metal braces have some pros and cons for you to consider before you make your decision.

Pros of Metal Braces:

  • Metal braces are extremely effective for straightening teeth and correcting problematic bite conditions.
  • Metal braces can be used alongside orthodontic appliances to create a more specialized treatment.
  • Metal braces are affordable and cost effective! (We offer various payment options to suit your financial needs.)
  • Metal braces allow you to get creative! Choose your rubber bands colors and color patterns, or try out funky WildSmiles brackets to elevate your look.

Cons of Metal Braces:

  • It’s no secret that metal braces have a considerably noticeable appearance. If you’re seeking a more discreet treatment, opt for ceramic braces or Invisalign® clear aligners.

The pros of metal braces far outweigh the cons! The smile you’ll experience after braces treatment will make the noticeable appearance of brackets and wires during treatment worth it.

Still have questions about metal braces?

We want to chat with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you’re interested in hearing more about metal braces, or you’re seeking metal braces near you, please request your free orthodontic exam with us today.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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