Emergency Care

True orthodontic emergencies are very rare, but there are minor situations where you may need a quick fix. These are more like ‘emergency braces repair’ appointments and broken or lost appliances. If you experience a true emergency, please go to the emergency room immediately. Do not wait for an orthodontist appointment.

With that said, if you experience any issues with your braces or appliance, call us and we will schedule your appointment to see you as quickly as possible.

Tips & Tricks For Dealing With Orthodontic Appliance Issues

  • Did a piece of your appliance become loose? If it is still attached, use dental wax to hold it in place. If it has come off completely, put it in a Ziploc bag and bring it with you when you come to your appointment.
  • Is a wire poking you? Put dental wax on the end. If the wire has slid to one side, use needle-nosed pliers to put it back into the tube.
  • Feeling soreness in the teeth? Eat soft foods, use saltwater rinses, and take an over-the-counter pain reliever if needed.
  • Are pieces of the appliance irritating the soft tissues of the mouth? Place dental wax on the offending spots until your mouth adjusts.
  • Headgear causing discomfort? This usually means you are not wearing it as directed and should look over your instructions again.

What Situation Would Require A Braces Repair?

More often than not, any situation you encounter can be fixed with a temporary mouth protectant (like Orajel™ and orthodontic wax) and a visit to our office.

Common situations include:

  • Rubber band comes off your braces
  • Archwire pops out of place
  • Loose or broken braces bracket
  • Soreness due to poking wires or metal pieces
  • Broken or misplaced appliance
  • Lost, cracked, or broken clear aligners
  • Tooth pain or loose teeth

If you experience any of those, please contact us and we’ll prioritize your visit. We want to relieve any discomfort and get you back on track with your orthodontic treatment.

It’s a good idea to carry orthodontic wax with you in case any of these situations occur as well! Orthodontic wax can be applied to a loose bracket or wire that may be rubbing against your cheek. This solution isn’t a permanent solution; the wax is used temporarily until you’re able to visit our office.

Have Questions About Common Braces Repairs?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We’re always happy to hear from you. We’re here to guide you through your treatment process, from your very first visit to your last appointment.