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Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with our amazing doctors and team!

Samantha G.
21:55 29 Nov 22
Very great service and friendly staff! Will definitely recommend to everyone.
Brittany W.
16:11 29 Nov 22
I’m so excited with starting my journey with braces. Thank you so much!
Cameron M.
14:46 29 Nov 22
Best experience I could ask for! Everyone is so incredibly kind and personable. Michelle was phenomenal. I couldn’t ask for a better team to give me the smile of my dreams
19:31 28 Nov 22
Melissa is the sweetest and made my experience amazing. She’s very gentle, kept checking up on me and talking me through what was happening and made sure I was happy with everything when I was leaving.
Shari T.
16:29 28 Nov 22
Great , friendly staff and excellent service! ☺️
Vanessa A.
16:20 28 Nov 22
I love this place! I’m almost done with my treatment and I’m super happy with my results.
Awesome place. Super friendly staff.
esther S.
14:31 28 Nov 22
Service is amazing
Japrince G.
16:20 23 Nov 22
I love it here. Every time I come back they do great.
Lindsay B.
15:03 23 Nov 22
Great service, fast, sweet atmosphere
Janessa N.
21:22 21 Nov 22
I absolutely LOVE Cooper Orthodontics! The staff is Friendly, Kind, Compassionate, and quite Knowledgeable! The RPB Office is always super clean and well kept! The waiting room is never overpacked or too crowded and we are always taken in at our appointment time with very little wait. The location is also a HUGE plus, my Daughter doesn't have to miss any School because the Office is very near to our Home. The fact that they also offer accommodating hours on certain days is so nice! I have nothing negative to say- Highly Impressed all the way around!
Rafael G T.
19:54 21 Nov 22
Great service, and a nice crew
Alejandra C.
18:44 21 Nov 22
As soon as you walk in the staff was helpful. The wait time was short and the staff in the exam area are all so friendly. They made my daughter feel very confortable. I highly recommend them!!
Pamela B.
16:33 21 Nov 22
Excellent attention and my daughters teeth look amazing now.
Shareen F.
15:54 21 Nov 22
I love Melissa ,she’s amazing ,super nice 💕my favorite
Fazilatun S.
15:15 21 Nov 22
Lovely staff feel so comfortable visit.
Shania L.
14:51 21 Nov 22
Amazing staff , very welcoming , and awsome service❤️
Shania L.
14:51 21 Nov 22
Amazing staff , very welcoming , and awsome service❤️
Angela D.
18:00 18 Nov 22
Every one was nice and had great attitudes.
steven B.
21:30 17 Nov 22
The staff is very nice 😊
Lethal S.
19:50 17 Nov 22
Great people
Neli P.
17:17 17 Nov 22
Thank you so much for the new experience Diego, it was really awesome and didn’t feel any pain at all. Thank you again!!
Gabby A.
16:26 17 Nov 22
They were nice and friendly. Felt very comfortable. Thank you!
Brittany B.
22:51 16 Nov 22
Love love love everyone here! I’m so thankful and happy I chose this place. My son is in a wheelchair and sometimes it can be a bit difficult but they never ever showed it. Always so welcoming and had a lot of patience with hearts of gold. I would recommend to all and forever will be thankful for my son’s even more beautiful smile!
Staciann B.
21:39 16 Nov 22
Exceptional service from start to finish. Cynthia was amazing, so patient, informative and exhibited such care with my son. I would highly recommend the office to anyone.
yaraliz S.
21:31 16 Nov 22
It’s a really nice place. Everyone is really nice and friendly.
Christine D.
17:03 16 Nov 22
The people here are super nice and I’m having a really good experience with them. And they are all super friendly and welcoming.
Shae H.
16:23 16 Nov 22
I absolutely loveeee this office. Everyone’s so friendly, sweet and helpful❤️
Dikla S.
14:46 16 Nov 22
Love Love love the new location. Amazing stuff
Mekhi ..
14:45 16 Nov 22
Friendly staff.
Jacqueline K.
14:39 16 Nov 22
I like how they talked with me and let me know what would happen during the installation.
Jocelyn M.
14:37 16 Nov 22
I love the office they are so welcoming and super vibeyyy . My experience there is always amazing!!!
Lucianne H.
16:21 15 Nov 22
AMAZING STAFF!! they genuinely care about what’s best for you not only while you’re there but all around. i am finally getting my braces off and i’m so excited but so sad to say goodbye to my ortho family! Dr.daniela and melissa took care of me through most of my appointments and they have truly made an impact on me, not just my smile! 🙂
Andrea C.
14:02 15 Nov 22
You guys are the best
Danielle W.
19:58 14 Nov 22
They are very pleasant and welcoming! My daughter loves this office.
Jennifer M.
19:05 14 Nov 22
Always on time! Great service!
17:56 14 Nov 22
Great service
virginia P.
17:35 14 Nov 22
The best experience you could have and they take great care of you. Favorite of all is Melissa shes such an angel and I enjoy coming, recommend highly !!! 🙂
Xena C.
15:40 11 Nov 22
Great office and service. Really nice people, I love going here they are just so much fun.
Team G.
15:22 11 Nov 22
Great service
Kyahra A.
13:40 11 Nov 22
Best orthodontics ever!
Laurie J.
16:38 10 Nov 22
Definitely my fav place. Really nice and kind people.
Victoria H.
16:09 10 Nov 22
very professional
Jessiyah V.
14:47 10 Nov 22
Love this office SO MUCH it’s literally such a fun environment to be in nothing but laughs here!
Roxanne M.
14:59 09 Nov 22
Every appointment has been quick and easy. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend anyone here, especially at the Pembroke Pines location. Both my daughters Samara- Mone and Brianna love it.
Lesyany S.
20:36 08 Nov 22
Very happy with the experience. Very professional workers and friendly environment. Thank you for everything!
20:35 08 Nov 22
Great place to get braces
lequan J.
19:51 08 Nov 22
wonderful experience, fast , easy and gentle
David a R.
18:13 08 Nov 22
Dr. Debbie was very communicative and clear in the treatment that my daughter needed and Cynthia put her braces on and explained everything to the last detail. Thank you for making this easy for us !
14:28 08 Nov 22
Great place very friendly
Clarence W.
17:15 07 Nov 22
5 month’s remaining after a 2 year commitment and it’s been a pleasurable experience. Great service, great environment and very clean. Will recommend anyone interested
15:25 07 Nov 22
Alexander😆-Love coming to my appointment, everyone so nice
Carlos V
14:40 07 Nov 22
i’ve been coming to this office in boca for a long time and it’s always a great service! dr cooper and staff are great! highly recommend!
Skittlez _.
14:11 07 Nov 22
They have really good service and they are really kind i 10/10 recommend 😊
Jarayshia F.
16:37 04 Nov 22
This place is just amazing I love everything about the service and the staff same day service and the wait was not long Ms. Miners was very kind and patient.
Nahla A.
15:54 04 Nov 22
I’ve had my braces on for quite a while but Coopers Orthodontist helps me every step through the way and powers me through it , Thank you guys.
Juliana M.
20:19 03 Nov 22
Muchas gracias por la atención!! El dr Kevin es fabuloso y Hilda es una persona dulce, paciente con sus pacientes. Gracias por la buena atención y trato.
Desiree L.
16:31 03 Nov 22
Excellent experience! The whole staff and the doctor were very nice and professional. Diego was the best!
14:33 03 Nov 22
They are amazing!!! I'm extremely happy with my results, thus far.
Omar M.
17:35 02 Nov 22
Muy buena atención y servicio
Tamar J.
16:21 02 Nov 22
Amazing and Safe environment. Greeted when walked in, which gives a pleasant experience. You are in good hands
a a
13:14 02 Nov 22
It was easy and fast.
MJ Insta M.
20:02 01 Nov 22
Thank you Melissa You make Cooper orthodontics five stars.
Jermaine M.
18:04 01 Nov 22
Nice place to be
Renee K.
13:14 01 Nov 22
Always a pleasure in this office. Very attentive and caring with my daughter.
Joanna B.
13:06 01 Nov 22
That staff is always helpful and so friendly
Sherine R.
01:20 01 Nov 22
Love the staff, the environment is clean and always a joy to walk into
Jennifer V.
18:20 31 Oct 22
We have had a wonderful experience at Cooper Orthodontics. Dr. Debbie has treated my son with kindness and care, making him feel comfortable throughout the braces process. The staff is professional and friendly and the office is a pleasure to visit!
17:10 31 Oct 22
Great staff, very efficient, friendly and they make my kids feel confidentThank you!
Asia R.
15:58 31 Oct 22
Coopers is a great place and provides excellent customer service and care. They genuinely care about your overall experience, it’s more than just a job to them!
Ashlyn G.
15:52 31 Oct 22
Experience was fast & great
Da'Korriya B.
13:57 31 Oct 22
Best orthodontist office, super friendly!
Journey With Lovely L.
13:56 31 Oct 22
I love the staff, great customer service
Randy B.
17:45 28 Oct 22
The best dentist office ever!!!I highly recommend!!! The staff are amazing as ever!!! And the doctors here are too tier!!
Melissa C.
18:23 27 Oct 22
Wonderful experience. Great clean atmosphere and very knowledgeable. Thanks again Cooper Orthodontics.
20:52 25 Oct 22
Amazing care for us patients and a genuinely loving experience
Zoe M.
19:54 25 Oct 22
They really good people
Official. K.
16:12 25 Oct 22
They Awesome
Elizabeth P.
15:45 25 Oct 22
I like it here, the doctors are really nice 🙂
Kamora L.
14:31 25 Oct 22
very professional and excellent customer service
Leonel P.
13:58 25 Oct 22
they take good care of you!
Messy P.
13:40 25 Oct 22
The people here are really nice they go out of their way to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible!
Thanya P.
20:10 24 Oct 22
Profesional, very informative, very welcoming
Isabella A.
19:50 24 Oct 22
Really nice, very fast.
Asia B.
16:34 24 Oct 22
I like how everyone is nice here
Naomi V.
15:49 24 Oct 22
I enjoy getting treated at Cooper Orthodontics because everyone is kind and accommodating. I started getting treated at Cooper Orthodontics at the age of 18 and went to my appointments by myself. The doctor and workers asked all my questions and were patient with me. I highly recommend this office.
Francki D.
13:48 24 Oct 22
Best braces ever
Francki D.
13:46 24 Oct 22
Best braces ever
Francki D.
13:46 24 Oct 22
Best experience ever
Bryanna B.
13:22 24 Oct 22
Very clean space and friendly people!
Briana V.
13:44 23 Oct 22
It has good employees 💕
Brandon T.
20:13 21 Oct 22
I got my Braces on today and it was super easy and pain free ! Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Excited to start my journey!
Laurie J.
20:07 21 Oct 22
Good services and very kind people
Goddess C.
17:39 21 Oct 22
The staff are very friendly and everyone’s super nice. Not only that the service is amazing.
17:37 21 Oct 22
Cooper Orthodontics has an amazing staff. Always have an awesome time coming to appointments
Brandi T.
16:21 21 Oct 22
Great service .
Nadine F.
19:50 20 Oct 22
They are so awesome that we drive all the way from Homestead to visit their office.
Mariana V.
19:04 20 Oct 22
Excellent Service
Stanton L.
16:59 20 Oct 22
Nice staff and office
Lockhart H.
16:58 20 Oct 22
Was really impressed with the staff and doctors
The Epoxy S.
16:56 20 Oct 22
Nice office and consultation
Hunter I.
14:01 20 Oct 22
Loved the great and amazing this beautiful orthodontist office has to offer. All the doctors and assistants were amazing and I would come back if I have to wear braces again.
Asheley D.
13:51 20 Oct 22
Very good orthodontist love it here.
Jennifer Garcia (.
13:21 20 Oct 22
Always helpful
Starrybeer N.
13:06 20 Oct 22
Kids braces came out good
antonelle D.
12:52 20 Oct 22
I love everything about Cooper Ortho every staff is amazing and Dr. Kevin .
Unique P.
12:32 20 Oct 22
would 200% recommend such nice people & great service!
J J.
15:37 19 Oct 22
My experience here has been great!
Larry J.
15:03 19 Oct 22
They always do a very good job on my son with great service. I love this place!!
Annesia P.
19:25 18 Oct 22
Great service
Jessica B.
15:02 18 Oct 22
Amazing work! Would recommend to everyone!
Jessica B.
15:01 18 Oct 22
Great team!! Would recommend to anyone!
Carla B
14:58 18 Oct 22
I’m Happy With my Smile 😁
Quille G.
14:55 18 Oct 22
Monera was perfect, very helpful.
Quille G.
14:54 18 Oct 22
Everyone is very nice. No complaints.
Renae ..
14:44 18 Oct 22
Amazing experience and wonderful customer service
Letitia M.
20:46 17 Oct 22
Great dental care for my Daughter's orthodontist needs. Awesome staff!
Joe and Valerie R.
20:25 17 Oct 22
Wonderful team! Love coming here! 🙂
Esther P.
19:42 17 Oct 22
Nice place, the staff are super sweet there very patient with son they explain step by step the hole process. Really thankful
Tamika J.
18:34 17 Oct 22
Dr Kevin and Team takes their time in caring for my niece's teeth
stephanie B.
18:22 17 Oct 22
Their really sweet and really nice and professional
Faith K.
16:46 17 Oct 22
Cooper Orthodontist has been the best ortho I have been to yet! Amazing prices when it comes to braces! Super affordable and the staff is always super helpful and nice!
Joe T.
17:28 14 Oct 22
Dr Kevin, Michelle, and Melanie were amazing! Highly recommend!
Julian S.
17:13 14 Oct 22
Great Service
Malik M.
15:57 14 Oct 22
always a pleasure, excellent service as always. highly recommend to anyone who needs braces, caring dental assistant/hygienist and dentist as well.
Berlinda P.
14:16 14 Oct 22
I’ve been with Cooper Orthodontics for a year now and I really like it . I totally recommend it.
Tatianna M.
13:46 14 Oct 22
Yasmin was very nice and talked to me to assume my power chains would hurt that bad
C M.
13:45 14 Oct 22
My daughter has been going here for about a year. Everytime we are in the office the staff is always great. Her teeth are coming along great also. I have nothing but positive things to say about the place and staff.
sharon P.
12:59 14 Oct 22
They made me feel comfortable and everyone was so sweet
Angie N
12:51 14 Oct 22
Cooper Orthodontics purchased the practice we were going to previously. The transition went fine and we have found improved operational efficiency with scheduling and meeting appointment times. My kids have been seeing Dr. Kevin and he has been good with both of them. He has provided good guidance on treatment for my kids's complicated cases. I highly recommend Cooper Orthodontics!
Butter B.
20:49 13 Oct 22
Amazing! My dentist, Cynthia is really relatable and fun. Would recommend! A lot of the dentists are social and connect with the children, it’s what I like about this dentistry.
20:45 13 Oct 22
Great staff, great people & hospitality. I absolutely enjoy each visit and can’t thank them enough! They’re the best at what they do.
andrea C.
19:04 13 Oct 22
All the staff us super nice and the establishment is well kept and very clean. The doctors are extremely professional and prioritize their patients comfort. I’ve had the pleasure of being attended by Lorraine and I’ve had a great experience so far. Definitely recommend!
Bernadette Carnegie B.
17:55 13 Oct 22
This place is amazing thank you for fixing my smile😁😁😁
Symon T.
17:53 13 Oct 22
Love my dentist
Maria Paula G.
16:49 13 Oct 22
Nuestra experiencia ha sido muy buena en cooper orthodontics, tienen un excelente servicio y son muy amables. Excelentes profesionales
Renetta W.
14:02 13 Oct 22
Love the way they took their time with my girls, very friendly and informative. Glad i choice Copper Orthopedic to bring my girls
Phenomenal W.
13:58 13 Oct 22
I Absolutely love this place very friendly and professional environment.
kkashdoll A
12:55 13 Oct 22
Been at this dentist for 4 almost 5 years. BEST EXPERIENCE! Very accommodating for when you have to reschedule. would absolutely recommend !
12:53 13 Oct 22
very nice workers and make the experience better
Jada J.
16:10 12 Oct 22
Great staff
Jazzlyn N.
14:52 12 Oct 22
Staff is amazing and they do great work. Very happy with my sons braces!
Brianna A.
14:20 12 Oct 22
Best Orthodontics ever
Crystal C.
14:15 12 Oct 22
The staff here is really nice and friendly and I have been coming here for a few years. I would highly recommend treatment here
Keepingupwithdrickaa !
20:35 11 Oct 22
I love this office , the staff is nice and everyone is professional & very helpful!
Jeanette B.
20:22 11 Oct 22
The girls changing her rubber bands are wonderful. The office is very clean and conveniently located.
Liz A.
19:23 11 Oct 22
Had a good experience with Cynthia she’s great
Valentina O.
19:02 11 Oct 22
im happy with my braces treatment 👍
Isis G.
13:15 11 Oct 22
Best place ever , was enjoy my whole process and the results in my smile are amazing full recommend
Terry’Anna F.
18:38 10 Oct 22
18:18 10 Oct 22
I’m happy here
Liliana D.
15:21 10 Oct 22
Amazing service! Quality care always!
Trevina G.
14:35 10 Oct 22
great/fast servicevery friendly
Nandide F.
13:53 10 Oct 22
They are so nice
Duchie B.
17:15 07 Oct 22
Cooper Orthodontics in Royal Palm are the best. The staff are Very nice and caring. Would definitely recommend them to everyone I know!
Jae G.
15:55 07 Oct 22
best experience
Mia S.
13:36 07 Oct 22
She was so sweet
Music sensation By A.
21:50 06 Oct 22
My daughter has been getting her treatment done for her braces since this past summer. Everytime we go to her appts that staff is very welcoming, friendly and Dr. Kevin is great. I had a concern and he was great at reassuring me that everything was going to be great with my daughters treatment. Very please with them!
Jovita C.
19:05 06 Oct 22
I absolutely love it there! Employees are always helpful and kind!
Jeanie M.
18:45 06 Oct 22
Great experience , they are very patient friendly and efficient
Amanda D.
18:38 06 Oct 22
The ladies at the front desk were super nice , and the doctor was really kind 10/10
Fania C.
17:58 06 Oct 22
They were amazing. Understanding, caring.
Fania C.
17:57 06 Oct 22
They are the best. Kind, understandable, caring
Jacqueline B.
16:49 06 Oct 22
The best of the best!
Minita FoleyDean D.
16:25 06 Oct 22
We made the right choice choosing this office. Dr. Kevin and Lorraine were very fast and professional.
15:53 06 Oct 22
I love coming here. The drs are nice and the staff works with us everytime to make sure I am comfortable.
15:50 06 Oct 22
They are absolutely the best! Everytime I come the level of customer service is through the sky.
Lucinda L.
15:10 06 Oct 22
They are very patient and make sure your are feeling well. Does a great job Everytime on my braces😁
Armind G.
14:09 06 Oct 22
Maria R.
13:29 06 Oct 22
Cooper Orthodontics is great! Thanks for your service.
Sara I.
13:27 06 Oct 22
Great experience
Miriam S.
12:49 06 Oct 22
Thank you!
jessy G.
12:47 06 Oct 22
I highly recommend !!! Very attentive , sweet staff!
arlett L.
01:39 06 Oct 22
Amazing Love Cooper Orthodontist very nice and Amazing people!
Marleni L.
18:27 05 Oct 22
I love Cooper Orthodontics! The people are so sweet and they take their precious time to care for their patients!
Windslie J.
15:49 05 Oct 22
Amazing experience, didn’t even wait 10 minutes. Melissa helped me.
Windslie J.
15:48 05 Oct 22
Great experience.
Dequandra R.
14:14 05 Oct 22
Every time I have ever had an issue with my braces. I call and they tell me to come right in, they fix the issue with both problems and then I'm on my way.
20:48 04 Oct 22
Very nice and clean place. Nice environment , Friendly employees
Moxiclear Skin C.
16:51 04 Oct 22
Isabella was great. My granddaughter got braces and everything went smooth.
Andrew T.
15:00 04 Oct 22
Great and friendly staff members and will always stay with them
Andrew T.
14:58 04 Oct 22
Love this place always in and out and great staff members
Katarina A.
13:08 04 Oct 22
There are nice and loving
Amanda S.
20:11 03 Oct 22
Extremely kind, nice, friendly and helpful
18:07 03 Oct 22
Very nice and clean and everyone here is nice and care very much
Me M.
00:16 03 Oct 22
Great staff n drs
Yolanda P.
19:22 01 Oct 22
Es muy bueno té atiende muy bien hablan español me gusta mucho mi hijo está muy feliz gracias a las chicas por sus trabajos excelentes
Lex G.
15:17 30 Sep 22
Very friendly, always explains to me what will be done, makes sure I’m comfortable & gets me out pretty quick. Love this location.
Meg S.
14:54 30 Sep 22
Good for your teeth.
Lucynda D.
13:40 30 Sep 22
Cool people and very nice interior.
Lucynda D.
13:38 30 Sep 22
Everyone is really nice. They play music and put movies on the TVs.
13:03 30 Sep 22
Cooper Orthodontist is a nice friendly environment, everyone is nice and they are very professional.
Alisha M.
12:45 30 Sep 22
It’s always warm welcoming when walking thru the front door also when called to the back. Very nice clean office. We love all the doctors and assistance they’re always there to answer your questions. I’m glad I found you guys to assist with my kids brace’s. Thanks again 🧡…. We love you guys 🫶🏾
Its Dabarbies W.
18:13 29 Sep 22
they always complement me & do my braces just how i like.
Christopher M.
16:51 29 Sep 22
Great customer service, very friendly staff
Junette L.
16:23 29 Sep 22
My experience was so excellent. I love it here because I have been here for quite a while I been for few years. The people are very professional and kind never had a bad experience!
Kora H.
15:17 29 Sep 22
We love Cooper Orthodontics. They have done a great job with my 12 year old daughter's 2 rounds of braces. Very efficient, precise, and professional. We highly recommend this amazing orthodontist team in East Fort Lauderdale. Jill Hinke
Shandee R.
15:58 27 Sep 22
I love them all because there all nice and friendly
ak B.
15:42 27 Sep 22
I love here
Porsche H.
15:21 26 Sep 22
My experience at cooper orthodontics was amazing as a first time patient with my daughter, everyone was very informative and nice.
Tiesha P.
14:20 26 Sep 22
I’m happy I chose Cooper’s Orthodontist, excellent service and staff! 👏👏
leah G.
13:17 26 Sep 22
Their really nice orthodontics
gaming with ty and M.
17:01 23 Sep 22
Cool people
Manny G.
16:49 23 Sep 22
It’s a good place and nice people here
Jayda L.
16:40 23 Sep 22
The experience was really good and they was fast but also really smooth
Salma R.
18:22 22 Sep 22
Love my orange braces. everyone was super nice
16:47 22 Sep 22
Cooper orthodontist are the best, super professional and nice !!!
Jeanie M.
14:05 22 Sep 22
They are great!! They handle all my family orthodontist needs , staff is very nice and helpful
laura K.
19:51 21 Sep 22
Everyone who works there is wonderful they are very understanding, patient and caring. Great team of people
Nat S.
19:10 19 Sep 22
They were so helpful through the whole process. The office is so clean and runs so sufficiently. My son is so happy coming here. Staff is incredibly friendly!!!
Michelle J
18:45 19 Sep 22
The staff here is helping and fun. They are always smiling a joyful as if they knew you for years. I love being a patient at Coopers Orthodontist Margate office.
Mirian T.
13:41 19 Sep 22
victoria was so helpful and kind not to mention office is so amazing and clean
21:21 13 Sep 22
My daughter came in today to get braces, she was so nervous. The staff was very reassuring and professional. I look forward to working with Cooper Orthodontics, to help give my girl a million dollar smile.
Tom D.
19:30 13 Sep 22
Great place kind staff❤️❤️
Kamora L.
18:39 13 Sep 22
i love my dentist so much and i love the people who try there hardest / best to make sure my teeth is perfect love y’all 💞 - kamora
Amanda Latimer G.
18:29 13 Sep 22
Best ortho ever! The office staff is very professional, courteous and accommodating. This team has many locations so they are always available for emergencies.
19:50 12 Sep 22
They are very kind with their patients and take very good care of them
Lilshowtyme 1.
16:10 12 Sep 22
did my braces very well. nice people. great customer service. On time with appointments
Jasmine F.
14:43 12 Sep 22
Great dentistry office
Naomie D.
12:34 12 Sep 22
I was very nervous when I first came in at Delray location. Everyone made me comfortable. Boca location gives you the same warm feeling.
Nella M.
16:01 09 Sep 22
Love it!! Very nice people and handle with care (: 10/10
Vibes With M.
16:55 08 Sep 22
I love your customer service you guys are the best
L. P.
13:33 08 Sep 22
Great service!
Joshua C.
15:07 07 Sep 22
I was in braces for about 7 years, and throughout my whole process of getting my braces off the orthodontists and doctors were all so nice to me each and every time I came there, I always felt so welcomed and it was always nice to see them, they never made me feel stressed of pressured when I didn’t wear my elastics, and they were also so gentle and caring with what they do. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs braces.
Andy M.
13:22 07 Sep 22
Great experience always a great visit
Nielle S.
19:51 06 Sep 22
Amazing Patience Isabella & Dr.Kevin had with my daughter. Love them!
Angel “GD” A
15:10 06 Sep 22
Love this office! Friendly staff and very patient!
kaile M.
17:21 02 Sep 22
Nice workers
Rose M.
17:05 02 Sep 22
Dr. Kevin and the Team were great!The spoke to my son the whole time and explained step by step. The office was very clean and organized.Location and parking was also very easy.I would highly recommend this team
Rhakena Shaquale G.
16:01 02 Sep 22
Really Nice Staff!My Son was Comfortable with the Procedure!
Emilder S.
15:34 02 Sep 22
There very nice , everyone really friendly.
Angel T.
13:41 02 Sep 22
Victoria was AMAZING !! 🤩🤩She made me feel extremely comfortable.
Kennedy S.
14:43 31 Aug 22
Great experience so excited they look so great!
Quntiria R.
13:32 31 Aug 22
Very friendly I felt very comfortable and at home highly recommended.
Kayla M.
18:01 29 Aug 22
Great service:))
16:20 26 Aug 22
Great Service, Nice People
Mercedes P.
14:27 26 Aug 22
Everyone one is very nice and it didn’t take long
Kore A.
15:01 25 Aug 22
Been going here for four years and their absolutely fantastic in each location!
Carnesha G.
14:47 25 Aug 22
Cooper orthodontist is one of the best dentist I ever been to. Through out my whole process they have been really helpful. The staff are very respectful and kind. Wouldn’t choose any other dentist.
13:47 25 Aug 22
The best place to get braces go here
keilyn R.
18:39 22 Aug 22
lady did my appointment so fast
14:39 22 Aug 22
they got my teeth looking sharp 👍
Leandre A.
14:12 22 Aug 22
Really friendly and appreciate people
Levy P.
13:58 22 Aug 22
They are good
Jeremiah E.
13:49 22 Aug 22
Best Team !!!
14:57 19 Aug 22
Good service
amber G.
13:55 19 Aug 22
The best to do it ! I’ve been with Cooper orthodontist for a while l, and margay has to be my favorite office !!
A & A C.
19:12 17 Aug 22
Everyone at Cooper Orthodontics are very nice! Office is super pretty, clean and the location is great. Dr.Kevin and Michelle were super sweet with my daughter! 100% recommended!
14:47 17 Aug 22
I love this orthodontics❤️
Jassmaine A.
21:41 16 Aug 22
I would like to thank Cooper Orthodontics for the exceptional service provided to my daughter. Symphony was kind of scared when we arrived and left with a SMILE and great confidence. I would also like to thank the staff for the great customer service and thank you for educations my daughter as to how to properly take care of her new braces.
m 1.
13:54 15 Aug 22
Michelle is nice 👍
Mia C.
13:25 15 Aug 22
Great people.
Damaris W.
17:38 12 Aug 22
Had a wonderful experience here and highly recommend them , they won’t disappoint!!!
jag S.
15:11 12 Aug 22
It was good, and easy.
kenesha M.
14:33 12 Aug 22
Diego was very nice. Full of knowledge and educate me and all the do and don’t. Way to go Diego
Anishka R.
14:12 12 Aug 22
I love my braces
Winston S.
13:39 12 Aug 22
Cooper orthodontics has the coolest staff ever very professional and caring. By parys
19:47 11 Aug 22
The experience was great, looking forward to braces
kenny F.
16:58 11 Aug 22
I had a great time at cooper orthodontics. The girls and doctors were committed to great service and were very friendly. The atmosphere was nice and I really liked the office setup.
Nakira O.
14:01 10 Aug 22
My experience was very wonderful the whole staff is so friendly the doctors are amazing the office is always clean and quiet I recommend this orthodontist to anyone
Jean L.
20:44 09 Aug 22
Best place to be
David S.
14:03 09 Aug 22
Staff was friendly and helpful
Excellent Orthodontist! I go here for braces and it’s great service every time. Cynthia did an amazing job rewiring my braces. Quick and easy appointment. I completely recommend.
Amy N.
14:08 08 Aug 22
They are very sweet and good with there work.
Jessica B.
19:06 04 Aug 22
Friendly staff and Dr Jake is awesome. Our last few appointments we have been in and out without wait time.
stephanie M.
17:21 04 Aug 22
Michelle was great, she made the experience reallycomfortable. Dr. Jake was awesome too.
Demetrius S.
14:51 04 Aug 22
Great experience
Vannesa S.
13:57 04 Aug 22
I love this place it's so fun and the staff are so nice !
Arnold V.
21:07 03 Aug 22
Amazing Dr. Cooper and team!
Frequineshia J.
03:37 03 Aug 22
My kids love this orthodontist thanks for all you do.
Guadalupe G.
20:21 02 Aug 22
Clean office michelle is very knowledgeable about what she does!
cora C.
19:35 02 Aug 22
Love the office and the staff. The staff and the doctors are truly incredible. Definitely will be recommending to more people!!!
17:01 29 Jul 22
Wonderful wonderful place!! I've gotten my braces here and all the staff is just the nicest ^^ love this place
Valeria S.
15:55 29 Jul 22
El servicio es de excelencia, y el personal también.
Daniel R.
00:33 28 Jul 22
What a great experience after having had my permanent retainer break right as I moved to Ft. Lauderdale. Danielle, Dr. Daniela, and all the staff were kind, attentive, and straightforward on what needed to be done. I got my issue taken care of right after my consultation, and everything was very reasonably priced for an orthodontist. I would definitely recommend visiting this branch of Cooper Orthodontics!
Kiara S.
20:51 26 Jul 22
Is great and the people that work there are nice.
Samantha G.
14:40 26 Jul 22
I absolutely love Cooper Orthodontics! The Royal Palm Office is clean and efficient. The Royal Palm team is awesome especially Lydia! She is very patient, knowledgeable and kind. I’m grateful for this practice. I have two children in braces and wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Mariposa C.
18:05 25 Jul 22
I love cooper, they have very nice workers that are not mean nor rude, they help with every question you have they explain how to use things well over all it’s a good orthodontics
Ross M.
13:31 07 Jul 22
Outstanding service. Dr. and staff are exceptionally attentive . Gave me a follow up appointment immediately and then called back with a positive resolution. And my teeth are perfect. I would highly recommend Cooper to anyone who wants the highest quality orthodontic care
Maryory P.
17:47 01 Jul 22
Dr. Kevin and Michelle were great, they explained everything to us, the front desk girls were very respectful and attentive. Overall, we love the office, it’s clean, it didn’t take long for them to see us and everyone is nice. Highly recommend
Ayana G.
14:11 23 Jun 22
I love this orthodontist the experience is a 10/10 everyone there is helpful & polite
Gabi R
15:38 21 Jun 22
Excellent and fast service! The staff are very efficient and friendly with what they do. Dr. Daniela takes time to carefully evaluate her patients and takes her patients’ goals into consideration.
jacquelyn J.
14:36 15 Jun 22
The best place to come for orthodontist they are very friendly and the office is always nice and clean
Angela B.
13:25 15 Jun 22
Great office, on time, easy in and out for appts.
Yolanda Sailor T.
15:49 14 Jun 22
Excellent staff!! Very professional, courteous, and kid friendly. Short wait time and nice atmosphere for the customers. Highly recommend for family and friends.
Elizabeth D.
01:35 14 Jun 22
Inicie hoy el tratamiento para mi hijo y hasta ahora estoy muy satisfecha.El personal y el servicio son excelentes.
Dove L.
21:07 09 Jun 22
Carlos Chantel and the office manager Nicole are amazing. The patience and compassion shown by the Dentis as well as these employees is first class. I love Cooper Ortho ❣
Axelle Fils A.
18:53 09 Jun 22
The orthopedic workers were amazing. My doctor was nice enough to make my desired braces designs. The best really.
Brenton M.
15:48 09 Jun 22
For my first experience it was really good, Jessica really helped me out she was really nice always made sure I was ok while putting on my braces, she made sure I was comfortable and ensured I was doing good I really love it for it to be my first time think you jessica
Wolf Pack 2.
20:49 08 Jun 22
Outstanding customer service!!!! Great with kids and super friendly!!!! Clean office the girls at the front desk were both super helpful!!!
Darnell S.
17:00 08 Jun 22
Nice place great customer service I got braces and they feel amazing
princess N.
19:28 24 May 22
The service there is amazing I would refer everyone here for your braces it’s worth it ❤️.
Martaijah H.
18:56 05 May 22
Very helpful and kind people love this office!!!!!
Andrew W.
17:07 29 Dec 21
I've been dealing with these doctors for many years. They and their staff, facilities, everything are TOP NOTCH!
Laura L.
15:01 24 Nov 21
Love to go here for my braces. Awesome place.
Fix on M.
14:58 24 Nov 21
Awesome place!
kaile M.
19:52 22 Nov 21
Really friendly
Jamiriah W.
16:16 22 Nov 21
I like this orthodontist because it's fun and entertaining.
bri L
15:16 22 Nov 21
The workers are nice and work quickly. Nice experiences would recommend coming here for your braces.
Debbie R.
14:18 22 Nov 21
Everybody so nice and their good and efficient at their job
Naphrian C.
14:13 22 Nov 21
Everybody is so nice and they are good at their job.
Makiah T.
14:40 19 Nov 21
The people here are very kind, and they give great advice. My mom and i love this office
kentrell W.
15:06 12 Nov 21
love them, 3 years such a bittersweet moment. Thank you for boosting my confidence!!
Althea S.
14:17 12 Nov 21
She took her time, very patient. Would recommend for everyone
Queen N.
16:06 11 Nov 21
Very clean , super nice , helping , I love it here
Richard G.
13:00 25 Oct 21
I like Cooper orthodontics, staff is awesome.
Alicia C.
22:04 21 Oct 21
Took my daughter, Jayden, there today for the 3rd evaluation in 3 years and she’s finally almost ready for braces.I love the staff in East Boca. They’re very professional and very friendly. Thank you for making my daughter so comfortable.
xx_ D.
15:31 27 Sep 21
I love coming here for my braces. The office is so nice and the staff is great!
adriana a
20:55 23 Sep 21
The. Best orthopedic in town i recommend every one thank
Jamal W.
14:14 23 Sep 21
I love coming to this office for my braces braces. The staff is so nice
Kesha P.
13:45 23 Sep 21
Reneta is AMAZING! My daughter needed braces and after speaking with her I decided this office is where I needed to be. Dr. Ferrer you couldn’t have found a better front desk person. She is quick and efficient, professional and friendly at the same time. Great office and Service.
19:59 08 Sep 21
I love it here, have the best experience.
Imperial W.
16:39 07 Sep 21
This place is great, I just got my braces off today and the rewards hub is also great. This is definitely the place to get braces.
15:44 04 Aug 21
I am enjoying getting treatment at Eastside Orthodontics with Dr. Eberle! The staff is very friendly and answers all of my questions thoroughly. I am excited for my ortho journey with the Eastside Orthodontics family.
Damian E.
20:26 29 Jul 21
I absolutely love this place. Everyone in there is exceptionally polite and very helpful with any question or concern I’ve had, I’m not the easiest person to deal with sometimes, but I can honestly say they have done everything right plus some. I highly recommend Eastside orthodontics to anyone who is in need of dental work. Deborah A. Ferrer is my orthodontist and she has worked wonders on my teeth. By far the best orthodontist I have been to. And she has the credentials to prove it😊 Again highly recommended! Thank you and god bless🙏
John M.
16:02 09 Jun 21
Dr Ferrer is the best orthodontist. Reneta is the best at what she does. The staff is friendly as well! Love y’all
Mariangeles A.
15:36 09 Jun 21
Súper excited to start my treatment !!!
15:59 20 Apr 21
Dr. Ferrer is the best orthodontist in town! She has been amazing at treating my ortho needs. I was in treatment at another office for years without seeing any results so I decided to switch offices. Within a month of seeing Dr. Ferrer, my gap started closing and my teeth are already looking great! I’m almost at the finish line…can’t wait to see the final results. Love the office staff as well…friendly and knowledgeable!
keith L.
20:55 24 Mar 21
Dr Ferrer and the rest of the staff were really pleasant and helpful. They took their time to make me feel welcomed and to break down each one of the options available.I would happily recommend her office to anyone
Marjorie T.
13:10 24 Mar 21
I was referred to Eastside Orthodontist and Dr. Ferrer from a co-worker and I couldn't be happier. The front desk staff is friendly and warm. I was able to get an appointment within days of calling. The doctor and her assist took their time to explain every step to me and my son who was nervous about getting braces. Overall great experience.
17:05 16 Mar 21
I love this Orthodontics office . Ms. Reneta is amazing and all the doctors are fabulous and so kind and treat me very well . Thank You .
inger S.
20:25 05 Mar 21
Went in for a consultation with my daughter, walked out with braces and a complete plan, she was assured the process was painless and was comfortable the entire time, Thank you again
Timothy G.
19:59 04 Mar 21
Kudos to the on time appointments and the kindness of the entire staff. I have both of my children that have been here and now my son is getting braces! They make the experience for the children comfortable!! It’s a real joy to have my sons braces at Eastside Orthodontist!!
Jason Allegue (.
22:18 02 Mar 21
I have to say that they were very nice and professional and that the whole process went very quickly with excellent attention to detail as well as amazing customer service. Just an incredible experience!
Renee B.
13:50 27 Feb 21
They were so good with my daughter get her first time braces put on and explaining everything to her as the were working on her. My daughter is special needs and they were so patient with her. Thanks Cooper Orthodontics
Mendez L.
22:07 25 Feb 21
I really love This app it because i know that i CAN Do contests to get News points
00:44 23 Feb 21
This place is amazing. The workers are amazing-ly nice, they tell you how to care for your teeth, and make sure to stay safe while the roughest of times.
Liliana S.
23:04 22 Feb 21
Amazing Service! 🙂
Francis D.
21:17 22 Feb 21
very good son had his braces hereDidn’t hurt at all
Keyshae D.
13:08 28 Jan 21
Great place and very fast
Elijah B.
19:27 27 Jan 21
Go to Cooper orthodontics because they are so nice and take good care of there patients😃
Midnight P.
17:06 27 Jan 21
It’s the best orthodontist place I went to ever and they explain the treatment and everything. I recommend coming here for any dental problems. The people there are kind and respectful.
Sophie M.
21:16 21 Jan 21
When I broke my jaw, the team helped me realign it with rubber bands and retainers - that is how amazing this team is. All of the girls are amazing, and I genuinely enjoy coming in to see everyone, as the whole team is super friendly and fun. Can't recommend them enough. I travel from Miami to come here because I wouldn't trust anyone else.
Rafael D.
19:13 12 Jan 21
Good service
Andrew W.
15:31 24 Dec 20
the Dr.'s Cooper were both extremely professional and courteous, and have gone over and above what I expected from this experience. I'm longer live near their office, and they still answer my calls and questions every time, even check in on me when I don't call! There's no one better!
Fishing in The G.
22:19 21 Dec 20
Great service
Calea “Calioso” M.
16:29 20 Dec 20
Everyone is super nice and friendly. They work fast. I went in there one day for a consultation, I was planning on visiting two other practices but I ended up walking out with braces the same day.
Jana D.
14:35 18 Dec 20
Awesome place !
Viviana H.
16:38 15 Dec 20
They are so nice and always prompt ! Recommend for sure ! Also very kid friendly and polite
Gretter R.
21:30 02 Dec 20
Me encanta el lugar y el personal es super nice..👏👏👏
Kelly H.
22:53 24 Nov 20
Customer service is great, nice employees as well!
Marc A.
13:32 20 Nov 20
This orthodontic office is very professional and the staff is very pleasant. But for me, the most appreciable was the honesty of the prices.
Danitza P.
21:13 12 Nov 20
Very professional and amazing friendly staff!
Iveth C.
22:56 02 Nov 20
Dr Herrero is simply amazing. His enthusiasm and charismatic personality is welcoming, refreshing and makes everyone around him be in a great mood. It also translates to the office staff who are very nice, very helpful and always with a smile on their face! Your kids will never complain about visiting the orthodontist office ever! Highly recommended 💯🙌🏻
Jacqueline R.
16:02 27 Oct 20
I love coming for my appts..best staff ever!! Highly recommend ESO 😊
Denise S.
15:14 14 Oct 20
Dr. Ferrer and her staff are incredibly professional and accommodating. Each time I visit, I am more impressed. Both my son and I are patients and my son is always happy with the friendly staff as am I. This is a top notch orthodontist establishment and I highly recommend Dr. Ferrer! She is very knowledgeable and provides a thorough experience every visit!
Cynthia B
12:18 24 Sep 20
Both of my kids have gotten braces from Dr. Ferrer. It’s been a wonderful experience with Dr. Ferrer and her staff. My kids have beautiful smiles! I highly recommend them.
Naisha A.
16:59 21 Sep 20
Great experience!! Very helpful and attentive to my needs thank you so much for my new smile!!!
Its Kashh L.
15:30 03 Sep 20
Very polite , all staff is friendly and professional and taking a very serious approach with COVID-19
rosemary G.
14:22 26 Aug 20
I had a wonderful experience at Eastside Orthodontics. Very professional and sensitive to patients needs. Clean and great ambiance facilities. The personnel it’s friendly, awesome they make you feel comfortable and at ease. Love them. I recommend them a 100%.
Callie 0.
20:37 13 Aug 20
Gave me a cute smile
Amelia J.
20:33 13 Aug 20
My daughters smile is beautiful! They have taken great care of us!
li S.
19:46 11 Aug 20
very friendly staff, great place to get your braces and the office is clean
Iliana A.
19:36 11 Aug 20
I was referred to Dr. Ferrer’s office by my dentist of more then 10 years. So far it has been a very pleasant experience with my daughters braces and with such friendly staff...specially Cata, she’s the best!! Always cheerful, friendly and every time I come for my daughter’s appointment she makes us laugh with her jokes.I don’t usually do reviews, but with such friendliness and welcoming from her towards the patient and family it’s a 5 star well deserved! Thank you for the great service and treatment provided from you and staff always. I will be recommending this place to friends and family. CATA you’re the BEST!
Marisol C.
19:51 04 Aug 20
Love em! They're so professional and have amazing customer service. Everyone is always working together and making sure everything is afloat. I remember when I first started my treatment plan last year and I had my 2 kids with me. They were so patient with me and even helped me with them and played with them .it meant a lot to me I was overwhelmed. Even with the craziness they always make sure to make a quick conversation they answer most of the time. I couldn't be any happier.
Irene Vazquez F.
00:58 18 Jul 20
I’m super happy with Dr Francisco Herrero and his amazing team!As an adult who had braces before, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who forgot to wear my retainers!I noticed some of my teeth were getting crooked again, so I wanted to explore my options before they kept getting worse.I constantly get ads on social media about some companies where you do it yourself at home and they mail you your trays.This sounded tempting... However, being a doctor myself, I was a bit hesitant when I found out that those “cheaper” options do not take xrays and you do not get to see a doctor during your evaluation or during treatment.Dr. Herrero helped me understand the possible risks and dangers in moving teeth without doctor supervision, as well as the limitations in moving my teeth due to the need of attachments and reshaping some of my teeth to make room (you need the doctor for this).I am so happy I went to see Dr Francisco Herrero! He took his time to discuss all of my options, using state of the art digital Xrays and photos, as well as a clinical exam where he evaluated not only my teeth but also my facial esthetics!The office is super clean, and Dr. Herrero worked together with his team to make me feel comfortable at all times.I am currently using Invisalign to correct my crowded teeth and am very happy that I went to see an orthodontist specialist to take care of my smile.Thank you Dr Francisco Herrero for giving me a Happy Smile!
Irene Vazquez F.
00:57 18 Jul 20
I’m super happy with Dr Francisco Herrero and his amazing team!As an adult who had braces before, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who forgot to wear my retainers!I noticed some of my teeth were getting crooked again, so I wanted to explore my options before they kept getting worse.I constantly get ads on social media about some companies where you do it yourself at home and they mail you your trays.This sounded tempting... However, being a doctor myself, I was a bit hesitant when I found out that those “cheaper” options do not take xrays and you do not get to see a doctor during your evaluation or during treatment.Dr. Herrero helped me understand the possible risks and dangers in moving teeth without doctor supervision, as well as the limitations in moving my teeth due to the need of attachments and reshaping some of my teeth to make room (you need the doctor for this).I am so happy I went to see Dr Francisco Herrero! He took his time to discuss all of my options, using state of the art digital Xrays and photos, as well as a clinical exam where he evaluated not only my teeth but also my facial esthetics!The office is super clean, and Dr. Herrero worked together with his team to make me feel comfortable at all times.I am currently using Invisalign to correct my crowded teeth and am very happy that I went to see an orthodontist specialist to take care of my smile.Thank you Dr Francisco Herrero for giving me a Happy Smile!
Kanesha B.
15:19 17 Jul 20
I absolutely love how comfortable they have made it for me while in the process of having braces. They are a joy to be around. The staff is wonderful.
Erika C.
13:44 15 Jul 20
Estoy muy feliz por la atención que me dan en este lugar !🤗🤗La recepcionista muy amable Y Kata una lindisima persona , les recomiendo muchooo este sitio!
Elizabeth G.
13:47 14 Jul 20
Today we got started as new patients and had a great first experience! Didn’t wait long and staff was friendly. Office is very clean.
Mark S.
19:34 06 Mar 20
The staff are always friendly and professional.I love the flexibility if I can make it to one office they can take me at the other.Awesome job as always.ThanksMark S.
Callie L.
20:39 21 Feb 20
We love Eastside Orthodontist because of the individualized care they give our daughters.
19:33 21 Feb 20
Sharyn was really nice. The employees have a lot of patience. Dr. Ferrer was really good at explaining everything I needed. I really like this place and I am coming back. They give kids school notes. - Khaydn M.
Deborah G.
02:40 07 Feb 20
Dr. Ferrer is amazing! Very knowledgeable and friendly and definitely put my son at ease. The staff is caring and accommodating. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. Highly recommend!
Pheona M.
20:18 18 Nov 19
Fast service and straight teeth 🦷
connor P.
19:38 22 Oct 19
Kata was super nice 😃😃😀
Brenda K.
17:17 25 Sep 19
I am an adult (early 30’s) who got braces with Dr. Ferrer. In 20 months I got my cross bite fixed and teeth straightened. The doctor and staff are super nice and accommodating with appointments. The assistant Kata is amazing and tons of patience. Renata at front desk can’t be any sweeter and always helped to fit me in with appointments that worked with my work schedule. If you want a better smile or fix your bite please come to this office! *This is coming from someone picky ;)*
Marie Ange S.
21:00 26 Apr 19
Good😁😁😁 @tyler
Kym Trice P.
15:36 12 Apr 19
The receptionist named Renetta is the greatest!!! She is the frontline of the business and it all trickledown from there. Mary Beth takes care of me and I absolutely love the service that I receive from this office. Hands down 10 star ⭐️
Edson A.
20:59 13 Mar 19
Nice place, people working in are also nice. Doctors are incredible and the service is outstanding.
Jacqueline P.
14:13 13 Dec 18
My son is been a patient there for over a year. I really love their companion and kindness, very professional as well and accommodating with the patient. Oh!! Their chocolate chips cookies are the best, you really don't want to miss them.
Carolina A.
20:02 24 Aug 18
Dr Ferrer straighten my teeth a few years ago. She was absolutely excellent! Now, about 5 years later, my bottom permanent retainer got detached from 2 of my teeth and had to come in to get it repaired. I went to their Federal Hwy location and Peter Oporta was assigned to fix it, what a delight! He was very knowledgeable, gentle and efficient. The whole staff was very friendly and am glad to see that remains the same way as a few years back. I highly recommend Dr Ferrer and all of her amazing staff!
donkenson R.
18:20 27 Apr 18
This place is amazing. They have excellent customer service, and not pricey compared to other orthodontist. Catalina is super nice, she told me everything she was doing making me very comfortable and not scared. I definitely recommend this place.
Shauna Morrison B.
17:52 26 Mar 18
Everyone is so nice and helpful. They are the best