Our Advanced Technology


iTero® Digital Impression System

If you’ve ever had a traditional smile impression taken, you know that it’s pretty uncomfortable. For many, the experience is upsetting enough that they attempt to put off orthodontic and dental treatments for as long as possible in an effort to avoid needing impressions. Luckily, there is now an alternative to the messy goop impressions—the iTero digital impression system.

The iTero digital scanner allows our team to take digital scans of your teeth that are more accurate, precise, and comfortable than traditional impressions. This means that you have a better experience with us and more personalized treatment. And since 3D scans are easier for patients to understand, it also helps you to be informed and empowered in your treatment.

How Does The iTero Scanner Work?

The iTero scanner uses optical technology to create 3D scans of the teeth and the gums. The scanner itself is a small, handheld wand that is moved by the orthodontist to guide the scanning process.

Since it uses a radiation-free laser and finishes the process in two to three minutes, you can rest assured that it is completely safe. We can use iTero to guide us in any form of orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign.

Digital X-Rays

Our office uses digital x-rays, which means it is basically like taking a photograph of the teeth and jaws. Our digital x-ray machine uses far less radiation than a traditional x-ray machine and is more comfortable for our patients. With digital x-rays, the entire process takes only a couple of minutes to complete and the images are sent directly to our computers. The images from these x-rays are of much higher quality, allowing our orthodontists to make more accurate decisions about your treatment.

Advantages Of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-ray technology is designed to make the imaging process more effective, efficient, and safer for everyone. Besides minimizing radiation exposure, digital x-rays offer numerous advantages to dentists and patients alike. These include:

  • Minimal Radiation – With digital technology, the amount of radiation exposure is drastically reduced, making the process safer for everyone.
  • No Wait Times – Instead of waiting for the x-ray film to develop, the image is available immediately on the computer screen for our team to examine.
  • Higher Quality Images – With digital x-rays, our orthodontists have a greater degree of control over the image, with the ability to enhance the image or increase the contrast, making it easier to spot potential problems. It’s even possible to compare the x-rays side-by-side in an instant, making even the minutest changes to your tooth structure easier to detect.
  • No Chemical Processing – Since there is no film being used with digital x-rays, that means there are no more toxic chemicals necessary to develop that film, helping protect the environment.
  • Easy Sharing & Storage – Instead of having to deal with physical prints of your x-rays, digital x-rays can be easily transferred electronically through email or other means, which also decreases the chance that a valuable x-ray is lost or misplaced.